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Well, for those who don’t know last February 28 was the anniversary of my livejournal site (yay, glad I managed to kept it up)
So I decided to have a sort of an update of myself, my ichibans---generally an update of everything.
I also felt the need to update my introduction as that was done 3 years ago, and a lot has change in that 3 years..

this is such a very very late post, but nevertheless, it's better late than forgotten :))
I shall be talking about an update of myself
I can proudly say after 5 years in college I am already REGISTERED NURSE. (Thank God, after all the hard work and prayers I am on the right path)
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I shall be talking about JPOP.
A lot has change in the past 3-4 years in JE.

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This is still all about JPOP but I shall be talking more with my new ichibans in JE
The Johnny’s JUNIORS.
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There are still a lot of juniors that is should tackle but this is all for now. Especially when this are the juniors that I am more aware about. I hope sooner or later someone here in Livejournal will make an intro post about the rest of the JE jrs. I know that they are a lot, but perhaps those who frequently appear in magazines and shokura. I wanna try to dwell more on the Juniors but my mind went blank on how I shall organize the intro. So I just focused on my favorites bakaleya6, Travis Japan, Kishi, Jinguji and Genki.

I still have a few favorites where I wanna see to debut and get to know as well, such as:Yasui, Keigo, Morohoshi, Takada, Masuda, Hanzawa, Takahashi Fu, Haniuda Amu, Nakamura Kaito, Nagase Ren, Hirano Sho, Okamoto Kauan, Casey Anderson, Genta, Sanapi, Nozawa Yuki, SnowMan, TakahashiKaito.

But there are still some juniors that only in magazines I have met, and they are too many to mention. So I shall wait for the JE calendar and to see who the JE juniors that will be featured there.
Well this is all for now, I might edit or not this post soon. But I hope you all learn something new from me and my ichibans.
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ishould have posted my new introduction post [ anniversary version] today unfortunately i encountered some problems regarding the pictures so i shall upload it on a much later date.

actually yesterday was the Anniversary of my livejournal, this has been going on for
5 years already :)) yay! 2015-02-25 09-04-43
so as a celebration I as supposed to post a new introduction post for obvious reason, a lot has changed.
but since i couldn't do so, i decided to post my social media accounts insteas, perhaps will serve as a promotion as well.
Please do 'FOLLOW' and 'ADD ME AS A FRIEND'

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so please free to follow me or add me :))

well, as i am very active in the social media my goal for this year is to be active here in Livejournal as well. i hope i can keep up with that though (cross fingers)


Home bound

Jan. 6th, 2017 12:06 pm
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I am leaving it on God's hand
Just waiting for visa

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Jan. 5th, 2017 12:00 pm
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Jan. 4th, 2017 12:00 pm
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Jan. 3rd, 2017 12:00 pm
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  • Mon, 13:02: Congratulations on being the Cup Champions 🏆⚽ A very good season for Kashima Antlers, double…
  • Mon, 13:07: RT @gaku19920528: 2017.01.01 満男さんがサポーターを煽る→ドコドコする→うぇいってしたら岳さん見えなくなるw 昨日はいろんな人でこれの繰り返しだった。w それでもみんなの表情見てると幸せになる。 #柴崎岳 #鹿島アントラーズ @atlrs_offic…
  • Mon, 13:07: RT @jubilee0422: おはようございます~ 興奮冷めない! 見返りさん~ 2017/01/01 天皇杯決勝
  • Mon, 13:07: RT @gekisaka: 【写真特集】鹿島が19冠!!120分の激闘制し6年ぶり5回目の優勝(20枚) #gekisaka
  • Mon, 13:07: RT @hongmei22: 2017/1/1 天皇杯決勝 川崎戦 ゴール裏で前に出てたかっきーが戻ろうとしたのに蹴りを入れたのは、岳さんでーすw
  • Mon, 13:08: RT @gaku19920528: 2017.01.01 同じような写真載せすぎて荒らしてごめんなさい‼ 岳さんの幸せそうなかわいい表情まだまだあった… #柴崎岳 #鹿島アントラーズ @atlrs_official
  • Mon, 13:08: RT @weeklysd: 【#天皇杯】これが #小笠原満男 という男。すでに視線は“20冠目”に #antlers #鹿島アントラーズ #鹿島 #天皇杯決勝 #二冠達成 #ファブリシオ #柴崎岳 #frontale #フロンタ…
  • Mon, 13:08: RT @hito__mi_: 1/1 天皇杯 優勝🏆
  • Mon, 13:09: RT @atlrs_official: 【モバイル】#antlers スタッフダイアリーも更新しました!2017年は、さらなる高みへ。皆さん、またともに戦いましょう! スタッフダイアリー「勝つことで成長する」: https://…
  • Mon, 13:09: RT @ayksnd527: 天皇杯 満男さんのぴょこんと煽りが可愛すぎて悶絶です、、
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Well, i am going to manila for a test
And interview
Wishing things will be alright
Also, i am meeting my brother for the 1st time in 23 years
Goodluck on that.
Busy week (?) Ahead.
But i am looking forward to have fun
I just hope things ho my way tho.

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Jan. 2nd, 2017 12:00 pm
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Jan. 2nd, 2017 10:48 am
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been sick l weekend.
so worreid for tomorrow.
its my flight
and final check up and determination.
also meeting will be tomorrow
after all these years.
excited. worried. but hoping for good results.
Lord please help and guide me.
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It was such a great year for me.
I started this journey called #LeapOfFaith unsure of what the future holds.
I relied solely on determination, faith and prayers.
Hoping for the journey to turned out well.
It has not ended but I am inching closer, just a few more hurdles ahead.
I am continually praying for better results, and that i can continue this journey smoothly.
I pray that this is my destiny, or that God answered to let this be my destiny.
I am praying and praying to keep my determination to see the end of this journey.
That it'll be how i foresee it, or at least closer to that.
Nonetheless, this journey #LeapOfFaith is what compromises my whole 2⃣0⃣1⃣6⃣
And I hope things will also be great for me on 2⃣0⃣1⃣7⃣, that this journey will end soon and start a new chapter.
I am looking forward and excited but I am praying for it hard.

May you all have a splendid new year celebration
And a fruitful 2⃣0⃣1⃣7⃣ ahead.
Year of the Rooster 🐔🦃🐓🐣

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Dec. 31st, 2016 12:00 pm
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  • Fri, 12:34: Having fun before sleeping #NowPlaying - Whistle Black Pink #BlackPink #YG
  • Fri, 12:40: i don't know what happened to me here.... Haha!
  • Fri, 12:59: #NowPlaying - Take Me Now FT Island @FtGtJH @skullhong
  • Fri, 14:01: Samoooka wlay kim bok joooo
  • Fri, 14:01: RT @tama_jus: 今朝の山陽新聞の記事は非常に内容が濃いものですが、その中でも強く考えさせられるのは「C大阪の年俸総額はうちの3倍。選手・監督の頑張りに極端に依拠しているのが実情だ」との木村さんの言葉。もっと自分たちでできることはないか?と考えさせられます。
  • Fri, 14:01: RT @Luna_Marine: 2016/12/29 天皇杯準決勝 横浜FMvs鹿島 試合終了 ゴール裏へ挨拶しに移動中、笑顔だった安定の活躍でしたソガさんと2アシスト岳さん #antlers #曽ヶ端準 #柴崎岳
  • Fri, 14:02: RT @3104_95: 1月3日はアラおめ!拍手の嵐 2日目 ④ (`・3・´)「海派の大野を唸らせた川ね」 (´・∀・`)「やるな川!」 最後の翔くんの拍手にツボる智wwwwww (*.゚ω゚)「先生!」 #るなっしー自己満movie
  • Fri, 14:02: RT @3104_95: 1月3日はアラおめ!拍手の嵐 2日目 ③ (`・3・´)「北斗の拳みたいだったよ」 (`・3・´)「松本くんの事が好きで去年のドラマのタイトル入れただけかも」 ノノ`∀´ル「0.1%探しましょう」 翔さんなによ翔潤ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙❤💜 #る…
  • Fri, 14:02: RT @3104_95: 1月3日はアラおめ!拍手の嵐 2日目 ② 嵐さんの生活充実度ランキング 99.9%ジャンケンに負けないママ (*.゚ω゚)「そんなことしなくていい」 (*‘◇‘)「充実してるよ!」 #るなっしー自己満movie
  • Fri, 14:02: RT @3104_95: 1月3日はアラおめ!拍手の嵐 2日目 ① オープニングから翔潤//// (*.゚ω゚)「何やってんだよー!!」 (`・3・´)「本来OAされないVTRだと思うよ」 #るなっしー自己満movie
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Shut up

Dec. 29th, 2016 01:47 pm
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I haven't formally announced yet my plans
As i want to do that when i have a visa with me
But some people just want to share MY story
And went ahead with my announcements of leaving
Shit! Shut up!!!! .wil yah???
As in post in fb???!!!! Really ????!!
My posts has been cryptic can't you take a hint
I don't want people to know yet
That i need some respect.
Shit !! Fuck!!!
I am so pissed.

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Dec. 29th, 2016 12:00 pm
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Dec. 28th, 2016 12:00 pm
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  • Tue, 12:59: RT @ayksnd527: 福袋に満男さんが入ってたので 私の車はボランチさんになりました🚗
  • Tue, 12:59: RT @hanaco_20: 一日一岳 12/24サテ練 鳥かごも好きなんだけどキリッとミニゲームも見たい。 見られるかな?天気次第かな?
  • Tue, 13:00: RT @SoccerKingJP: 🇪🇸移籍の噂🇩🇪 清武、引く手あまた…ヘルタに続いて大迫所属のケルンからも興味か セビージャ(@SevillaFC_JAP )の清武(@Hiro_kiyotake )にはヘルタやケルンなどから関…
  • Tue, 13:00: RT @moro867: ウッチー自主練中! #antlers #内田篤人
  • Tue, 13:00: RT @Shika_No12: サイン待ちしてたら、篤人が来た!!!ヽ(゚д゚ヽ)(ノ゚д゚)ノ!!室内だろうと思ってたら、グランド走ってサインやら2ショットまで撮ってもらえて、震えそう( ´;゚;∀;゚;)…そして、ヤスのを着てるww #antlers #鹿島アントラーズ…
  • Tue, 13:00: RT @hanaco_20: 私見逃してないよね…(⊃Д⊂)ゴシゴシ 岳さんシュート練してたからそこそこ残ってたんだけどな…
  • Tue, 13:01: RT @jnews2000: 「SMAP×SMAP 最終回」視聴率発表 #スマスマ
  • Tue, 13:01: RT @TakeliciousIndo: Sato Takeru celebrated Shirota Yu's birthday w/ TAKA, Yojiro Noda, Yamada Takayuki, Yamada Shintaro, Ayano Go, Hongki…
  • Tue, 13:01: RT @szsz__02: 12/26 見学 『クロスハート』 中山優馬 屋良朝幸 主演 諸星翔希 寺西拓人 出演 Zepp ブルーシアター六本木 ・佐野瑞樹
  • Tue, 13:01: RT @Happiness1002: 6:45 ZIP② ノノ`∀´ルキメ顔で今年の総括お願いします ノノ`∀´ル→(`・3・´) ノノ`∀´ルお願いします (`・3・´)うわぁくると思ったんだよね (`・3・´)アリーナとドームツアーもありまして充実の16年を来年は超えてい…
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Dec. 27th, 2016 12:00 pm
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Dec. 26th, 2016 12:00 pm
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  • Sun, 12:30: RT @cnmcmr: 🎄Merry Christmas🎁
  • Sun, 12:30: RT @SoccerKingJP: 👣ランニング中👣 原口元気&太田宏介が日曜日の街をランニング! Apple Watch Nike+を装着してのランニング。現在の太田選手の心拍数は122だそうです。…
  • Sun, 12:31: Looks like a Barça jersey.
  • Sun, 12:31: RT @atlrs_official: 【2017ユニフォーム】#antlers 2017年セカンドユニフォーム姿の土居聖真! 2017年ユニフォームデザインについて、詳しくは公式サイトをご覧ください: #nikefoot…
  • Sun, 12:31: RT @atlrs_official: 【2017ユニフォーム】#antlers 2017年ファーストユニフォーム姿の昌子源! 2017年ユニフォームデザインについて、詳しくは公式サイトをご覧ください: #nikefootb…
  • Sun, 12:32: RT @atlrs_official: 【2017ユニフォーム】#antlers 新ユニフォームのイメージムービーです!#nikefootball 2017年ユニフォームデザインについて、詳しくは公式サイトをご覧ください: ht…
  • Sun, 12:32: RT @tachiko0606: こういうことか←
  • Sun, 12:32: RT @Luna_Marine: 2016/12/24 天皇杯準々決勝 鹿島vs広島 セレモニーの時の太郎と岳さん #antlers
  • Sun, 12:32: RT @onuma04010: 12/24クラハ 久々?の入り待ち1
  • Sun, 12:32: RT @atlrs_official: 【メディア】#antlers YouTubeでジーコがクラブワールドカップでの戦いぶりを振り返ってくれています! ぜひ、ご確認ください!#zico #ClubWC #cwc https://…
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Late greetings
But yeah.
Merry Christmas !!!!

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Dec. 25th, 2016 12:00 pm
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Dec. 25th, 2016 02:18 am
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i have resigned. 12/23
last day has been decided. 12/31/16
then, greener pastures getting nearer and nearer.
hope things go well till then.
for now concerns, money. SHIT!


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