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ishould have posted my new introduction post [ anniversary version] today unfortunately i encountered some problems regarding the pictures so i shall upload it on a much later date.

actually yesterday was the Anniversary of my livejournal, this has been going on for
5 years already :)) yay! 2015-02-25 09-04-43
so as a celebration I as supposed to post a new introduction post for obvious reason, a lot has changed.
but since i couldn't do so, i decided to post my social media accounts insteas, perhaps will serve as a promotion as well.
Please do 'FOLLOW' and 'ADD ME AS A FRIEND'

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so please free to follow me or add me :))

well, as i am very active in the social media my goal for this year is to be active here in Livejournal as well. i hope i can keep up with that though (cross fingers)


lucky 7

Feb. 24th, 2016 04:47 pm
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Its my Livejournal anniversary today!!!!
Yay been here for secven years... Lucky seven huh!

Still planning what to do on my seventh year here at LJ
But for now, i shall enjoy my anniversary, haha!

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I found this document in the thousands word documents I had in my laptop and phone, this was supposedly be posted last year on the day of my anniversary in Livejournal and yet I couldn’t find any trace that I posted this in my page, so it seems that I have forgotten about this and failed to post it. So here I am posting this on my page. Well this seems to be a start for more livejournal posts …

Happy 4 years LJ !!
Today is the fourth year anniversary of my livejournal, yay! :) I managed to maintain it.

Well, my statistics in the LJ such as the comments and posts doesn't reflect my 4 years stay here where I have reasons of it. Again, reasons, I have so many reasons in life. How disappointing!

#1: I am not much of a wordy type of person

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#2 deprived in Internet access
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#3 deprive of time
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#4 pressure in designs
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I thinks that's all. I know I have so much reasons and definitely there are solutions to it but I couldn't put it into action because of some factors. But I told myself that after I graduate, when I have more time and resources, I shall improve my livejournal page and make sure to fill it with more posts about my ichibans and myself. I hope and I pray that I will this into action--- SOON.

Overall, happy anniversary to me and to my livejournal! :)

BTW, the anniversary of my livejournal is on February 24. It has been 5 years since I have made this livejournal page, and as well as, it has been 5 years since I have been in this fandom. Cheers


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