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this so much a rant.
i hate it rant.... )
i wanna leave NOW. 


Feb. 15th, 2016 05:23 pm
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that was a fucktard of all dolts so hard.
damn i was just so lost.
the listening was worse since didn't hear the last part
here comes the fucking writing where my mind was just floating.
wow. will ever survive this 20 days period ??? at all/?!!!
so frustrating. i do hope I survive as its expensive
goodluck with me !!!

oh BTW, i am absent today as i am tummy sick again.
what's with my tummy and lechon seems doesn't fit well together. 
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At what part of that just other fans don't understand
I mean really its just so simple
I mean like, you do understand the repercussions right?
Others, like me, doesn't understand japanese at all and entirely depends my fandom on subbed videos where other fans make it
As well as obviously EVERYONE knows who are REAL fans of JE groups knows how strict they are with copyright.
Hell, they might be the only jimusho who doesn't get into social media even as a company that will serve as an update area for their artists.
I mean really. Can't you see how the community mods have risked their personal life, work life just to provide the fans these subbed videos.
On that note that this videos are not easy to access or find neither is it easy for them to subbed it.
Can't you like read how many works just for one video, just for an ONE hour video?!

didn't respect the work of the mods and other behind it for the videos
Didn't respect the fans who have been obediently following the rules
Didn't respect the fandom
Didn't respect the jimusho
And most of all,
Didn't respect, your ichibans, loved and adored groups.

Now can you RULE BREAKERS, take responsibility if this comm will go hiatus and let other OBEDIENT fans suffer?
Can you take responsibility if ever they get discovered by the agency and have a repercussion after it?!
Can you take responsibility of how much they have sacrificed for subbing this videos for us??!!!
Can you take resoonsibility of ALL THAT???!!!

i am so ranting as this is just frustrating, why can't you just download the video and enjoy it yourselves or perhaps organize a viewing party and watch it with your friends. That alot of fans can watch without the necessity of uploading them in streaming sites  !!!!!
Where the hell are your brains??!!!
Have you thought all of that before you even uploaded it at all?
I may not  be a mod but i do know how it affects the fandom and others even the comms and mods with this. This invokves copyright shit you know, and jail time is just around the corner once discovered.
Come on!!!!

Now, let us help the [ profile] sakini_pikanchi community to take down the videos uploaded at dailymotion
Just go to there comm and theres a link there of the dailymotion site and TAKE THEM ALL DOWN!!!!

And in the future PLEASE, just follow the rules. Its not there to be selfish but its there because of copyright issues and thats a law kind of offense. SO PLEASE BEHAVE AND FOLLOW OBEDIENTLY. 
Just please RESPECT

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so after 3 fucking years
i am so ver with braces already
thank GOd !!!!!!
i am very happy so happy since i can eat all that shit already.
the next cut will be more of a rant
and reminders to kids
rant here and reminders )
i just have a traumatic experience with the braces and all
i don't really regret my decision of getting one
as it gve my smile back
also boosted a whole lot of my confidence and all
but hell i am not going through it again.
i am so taking care of my teeth.
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and BOOM they are married !!!!!

when i knew the news i actually dont know how to respond.....
first of all, who would have thought they are going out when JIN was in US all this time and Meisa is in japan, yes MIGHT be JIN comes home but no news at all ?! i dont think so they just went out for months then got married last February, they have been in a relationship quite long you know... 

second, she's pregnant, though there has been no confirmation yet, but Meisa's promotion being cancelled at the last minute makes everything a lot of sense...  they say (asianfanatics) she's on her third month. the baby...... others think its a shotgun marriage because she;s pregnant, maybe------JUST MAYBE!!! i don't know, i don't even wanna think about it ...

third, kitagawa has done JIN a lot of favor but he makes this decision ??!!!! i wann know whats going in into his mind, i really wanna know. he left KAT-TUN to fulfill his dream to a bigger audience and then this, marriage.... pregnancy, DONT HE THINK WHATEVER HE JUST DID TO MAKE HIS DREAM IS NOW IN A ROCKY ROAD ??!!! worht the sacrfice, idk!! 

and lastly, i thought he loves his fans but a lot right now is suffering with his decision. he left kattun-----they supported
he had a US career---they supported, 
now him getting married-----i doubt they have the full support
the fans are now losing track of his pace, things are getting way so fast that the fans cant even react at all!!!!

look, where he is right now, JE just cancelled his japan tour for punishment (which i think he deserves somehow, why? later)
he is even bound to pay the damages and rent for the arena costing him so many millions losing him everything he had gained in his US career.... i understand JE why they did that, i mean JE did him so much of a favor but JIN just made them look stupid in the press eyes.

remember Tokyohice feb.2 (cant retreive the file, next time i will edit this)
it was in the papers that JIN was with Meisa at the disney sea, them dating.... then JE came out with a statement explaining the situation that JIN was with friends at that time and it wasnt a date...

APPARENTLY, that was the time they registered their marriage, most probably that was their reception of the wedding ://
little did the agency knew that it was a ll a lie, perhaps!!!  

and on February5 it was again in the papers that both of them are married already, JE didnt comment about and then released a official statement the day after confirming the news, KItagawa-san faxed the official statement to the press and JIN and Meisa making official statement confirming their marriage,

reading between the lines of the cancellation of the tour would mean that JE didnt know at all about the marriage and just knew after registering it, which makes so many sense they Feb.2 was their marriage registered and on feb,2 they were dating...

after the news MEisa cancelled her promotions, since she rumored to be regnant but them cancelling her appearances would just confirm to the rumor... and now JIN japan tour is cancelled i think would just give way respect to Meisa since her career was compromised i thnik it is also fair that JIN would also take a break and realize that he made some permanent damage...he derves it, why? he didnt think, the pregnancy can be avoided, then there would have never been a marriage. they love each other the fans will understand, i will understand but marrying ..... no comment!!! 

this rant is my opinion about JIN's marriage and other recent happenings, as a fan i was hurt by what happened not because i got jealous or anything (as if i have a chance that he will be marrying me) probably i felt betrayed, he left kattun to pursue his dreams i respected that since JE gave way for him but i was sad since they were such a successful group... him penetrating US makes me proud since he made it, step by step :))) but when he got married i really dunno what to say about it, i was so taken a back by it that i couldnt keep up anymore

*i'll continue later, and edit some of it... 
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 i hate it when someone is planning things then all of a sudden that person doesn't arrive on time, i mean seriously, OTHERS have lots of things to do, then you... you star threatening ho others wouldn't get a grade at all but then when its time to meet here you are so running late.????!!!!

last night i didn't watch pinoy big brother so that i can wake up so ealry then here you are texting us that you wake up late and if you can just move it later at 1 pm???? hello~~~~ why then didn't you early last night so you can wake up on time??? but you can't help it, then you should have set an a alarm to wake yo up...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

reality check, i have been reminding you about this project weeks a go, but there to are being the most responsible person in the world actually, being the most helpful person n the world, volunteering for the victims, i mean its not bad for you to volunteer but don' make that  as a reason why you are s busy, when you can leave it to others and tell them hat you need to leave since we still have a VERY IMPORTANT project to make...

asa namn ang justice ana????? dont you dare blame others when our project s so medocre and worst scenario when we couldn't even past one !!!!! I  did my part, SO DON'T YOU DARE !!!!


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