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why is tackey channel not playing when there is a new episode ???

i heard that when the episode is already up for 2 weeks then that's the time that it won't paly anymore,
but the episdoe this week si NEW...and still it won't play :(

anyone know what's wrong ???? 
HELP please, anyone ???

i wanted to see how they are preparing for JW.
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For those of you living in the United States, you may or may not know that Congress is currently pushing to pass a law that would, in essence, ensor the internet in an effort to 'combat piracy'. If this bill passes, all social media sites are at risk of being blocked within the country.

Yes, including LiveJournal. In other words, if this law passes, this might be it for myself as well as many others in terms of being able to be active on LJ / the internet in general.

For those of you who believe it will have no chance of passing: the bill has broad support within congress and is going for markupTHIS THURSDAY, December 15th. Our voices need to be heard if we want to stop this bill.

So for those of you living in the United States, PLEASE visit the following website and sign Senator Wyden's petition to stop the bill, known as SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act).

For those of you who live ANYWHERE please sign the following petition:

And again to people living in the United States: Call your senators and share your thoughts on the bill! If we have any hope of stopping this bill, we need to jam up their phone lines this week. Fill out the call forms and LEARN MORE about SOPA at

Also: PLEASE REPOST THIS TO YOUR OWN JOURNALS. I'm sure your friends won't get on you about posting one fandom-unrelated post when it could save the internet we all love to use.

For more on SOPA:

Fight SOPA. Fight for the Future.

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