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Believe it or not, but Chris Tiu has agreed to do a “sexy talk.” It’s in connection with his new weekly show titled iBILIB which premieres tonight at 8:30 on GMA 7 after Bong Revilla’sKap’s Amazing Stories, with Isabelle Daza as co-host, plus Moymoy Palaboy.

iBILIB features scientific experiments presented in a magical manner as seen on Japan’s Wonder of Horus. Did you know that you can walk on water? How? Watch iBILIB.

According to urban legend, when his teammates are watching porno DVDs, Chris quietly retreats to the next room and pray the rosary.

That’s why the following “sexy talk” doesn’t include the usual questions such as “How did you lose your innocence…to a younger woman, older woman or a woman your age?” because it might shock Chris who is believed to be “innocent” up to now…would you believe?

What is sexy to him?

“Sexy has too many definitions. Sexy can mean ‘cool’ but at the same time ‘hot.’ Sexy is ‘smart’ and ‘admirable.’ Confused? Read on!”

When does he feel sexy?

“When I feel great with what I’m doing because I am enjoying it and I know I’m able to influence people positively.”

What part of his body does he consider sexiest?

“My eyes.”

What part of a woman’s body does he consider sexiest?

With Isabelle Daza, his co-host in the GMA show iBILIB which premieres tonight at 8:30

“Mind and heart.”

Sexiest book?

“Mistress of the Game by Sidney Sheldon.”

Sexiest movie.

“Iron Man.”

Sexiest musical?

“Les Miserables.”

Sexiest song?

“The One who Got Away by Katy Perry.”

Sexiest TV show(s)?

“Prison Break and Entourage.”

Sexiest food?

“Oysters and salad!”

Sexiest car(s)?

“Volvo XC60 and Volvo S60. Power, comfort, safety and style!”

Sexiest time of day?


Sexiest part of the house?

“My bed.”

Sexiest animal(s)?

“Ox, horse and eagle. My Chinese sign is Ox. Oxen are very persevering, hardworking and dependable. Horse and eagle because of my alma mater (Xavier School Stallions and Ateneo Blue Eagles).”

Sexiest billboard?

“Oracare and Sterling Bank!”

Sexiest scene you have seen in a movie?

“Can’t recall. Usually someone covers my eyes. Hehehe!”

Sexiest scene you have ever done?


Sexiest fantasy?

“Playing golf with Tiger Woods, playing basketball with Steve Nash and Jay Chou! I would have said Kobe and D-Rose but the fantasy became a reality already.”

Sexiest clothes?

“Adidas and TRU by Natasha.”

Sexiest concert(s) that you have seen?

“Those of Jay Chou, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.”

Name three women that you find sexiest.

“Mama Mary and my mom. They both epitomize humility and detachment from worldly pleasures. Plus, their faith in God is unwavering.”

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Chris Tiu believes in chastity before marriage 
10 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT ... By Bianca Gonzalez (The Philippine Star) Updated November 06, 2011 12:00 AM Comments (0) View comments

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Not perfect: “I’m not very patient. I get ticked off with small things,” says Chris Tiu. Photo by Kris A. Aquino

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My friend Roch has been a huge fan of Chris since his Ateneo basketball days. When asked why she likes Chris so much, she says, “He’s someone that you can say is the perfect guy and the man you would love to introduce to parents and friends.” She enumerates: he is intelligent, athletic (and emphasizes that its rare to find those two traits together in one guy), comes from a good family, is wholesome, religious, charitable, friendly, and well rounded. She does make sure to ask, “What’s his flaw? Parang perfect eh.” What could it be? Fan girls of Chris may or may not know the items below, but here are 10 things you should know about Chris Tiu.

1. He bashfully smiles at the thought of people calling him “perfect,” and shares that in his honest opinion, his flaws are his being impatient and passive. (SEE no one is perfect even him... he still gets ticked off by stuff. and he even admitted he doesn't have that much patience)

“I’m not very patient, I get ticked off with small things,” Chris shares. He reveals that he has an obsessive-compulsive side and that he has a daily schedule by the hour. So when things run late and he’s not where he’s supposed to be at a certain time, he gets impatient and tends to lose focus. (i want to see him being ticked off and pissed, i bet he'll be so cute. hmmm~ OC huh?? no wonder coming form a very close bond to mothers)

He also admits to being passive when he should be more active: “Sometimes, when people’s opinions are already offending people who are close to me, I tend not to fight back, I just keep quiet about it. It’s my nature as a person, I’m not confrontational.” (not much of a fighter, well, turn off a little bit. i was kinda hoping he would really speak-up-type-of-person but anyway, at least one things for sure HE DOESN'T PICK FIGHTS) 
He acknowledges that there must be a limit, and that there will come a point that he will have to make a stand. He admits he tried to please everybody when he was younger, but as he grew older, he realized that you can’t please everyone. “Sometimes, I try to be too nice,” Chris reveals. 
(cute he recognize his wrong doings)

His and hers: Chris and adorable girlfriend with matching Swatch Touch watches. “This is it! I have found the one,” he says about Swatch. (can't believe there are almost 13 years in a relationship and still going stron, like hello~ ang tibay niyo!)

2. Chris doesn’t smoke, drinks on occasion but has never gotten drunk, has never tried any kind of illegal drug, is turned off by pornography and believes in chastity. (honestly??? GOD! he so good.)

Chris doesn’t smoke, but he did try it once. Who made him try it? His mom! She does not smoke at all, but “she wanted me and my siblings to see how terrible the feeling was, and it worked, I didn’t like it, and I never smoked in my life,” Chris shares. He drinks once in a while with friends, and scotch with Coke is his drink of choice. He admits to having gotten tipsy more than once, but never drunk to the point of vomiting and not remembering things the day after. ( at least he drinks, that's good :) HAHA.) Some acquaintances have asked him to try taking drugs, and he politely says, “No, thanks.” He has seen pornography in print and on video because of friends, but says: “Personally, I get turned off with it, I can’t stand it.” He is strong in his faith and believes in chastity before marriage, saying, “The consequences are just very detrimental and I don’t think it’s worth it.” (uhmm... you really don't watch pornography??? weh~~~ ano ba nman yan !!)

So what’s his vice? “I don’t think it has to be a bad habit as an outlet, it can be traveling, doing new things, meeting new people,” Chris explains. He does admit to biting his nails, picking skin and hair on his face, and his brother Charles reveals that Chris “sleeptalks” (“at minsan, galit pa”). (biting nails??? now, now, i won't expect he has good nails then though. sleep talking? wonder why he does that, studies say those who sleep talks are indeed had a very exhausting day, so probably he must be tired almost everyday:(( kawaw naman)

3. He was told that he was too small to play professional and even international basketball. 

Chris was all-around athletic since childhood. His mom made him try out many different sports, from swimming, to horseback riding, badminton, table tennis, golf, and basketball. It was in fourth grade when Coach Ronnie Mutuc spotted him playing basketball just for fun, and asked him to try out. Coach Ronnie personally called Chris’s house and talked to his mom to convince her to make him try out. He made the grade school team, won championships, went on to the high school team, got recruited to Ateneo, and is now going on three years with the National Team. “Basketball was really the sport that gave me the opportunity to pursue it, that’s why I’m here,” Chris shares. (athletic much? hahaha... thank God you chose basketball or else i won't have a chance to meet you--ideal husband)

With Kobe Bryant: “I just want to put the Philippines on the map in terms of basketball.”

4. It’s national pride that made him choose to play for the National Team over the PBA.

During the last PBA draft when some were hoping Chris would be drafted, he chose to stay with Smart Gilas. Many wondered why, and he says: “I guess it’s because of the jersey that we put on, which has the word Pilipinas on it and the flag, it gives a sense of pride,” adding, “I’m not totally closing my doors on the PBA, but for now, I’d rather just stay with the National Team.” (he loves his country so much, like~ at least he'll be known internationally)

5. One of the most touching things a fan has ever done for him was when a Japanese woman flew over a thousands miles just to watch him play.

In this year’s Jones Cup in Taiwan, a woman in her late 40s gave Chris bread, chocolates or bananas after every game. Apparently she had no Filipino blood, was pure Japanese, and saw him in the Jones Cup a year before. They finally got the chance to meet and talk during the awarding ceremonies.

All the letters, collages, albums and gifts his fans have given him are placed in special boxes in his room. (uhmm... Chris i'm a big fan as well, do i really have to do as much as that for you to recognize me? hahaha... desperate much)

6. After the “cockroach-in-the-cup” controversy hit his store Happy Lemon, business was not affected at all; in fact, sales still keep going up.

A few weeks ago, an alleged customer of milk tea brand Happy Lemon reported through social media that they had found a cockroach in their cup. The accusations were not proven to be true, and business is still doing well. “Generally the trend is still upward, people want to try it and are talking about it,” Chris says. They found milk tea to be a staple in Hong Kong, Vancouver and other cities, and Chris and his business partners hoped it would do well in Manila. So far so good because with three stores open, this month Happy Lemon will also be opening in Megamall and TriNoma. ( a successful businessman, may future ako sa kanya hahaha...)

7. Chris Tiu in numbers: 

Fanfare: “If we make it, I think I can move on…”

8: Current jersey number in the National Team. In Ateneo, he wore 17.

3: Average number of hours a day spent training.

60-plus: Number of Jay Chou items he owns! Chris is a huge fan of the Taiwanese singer, and his collection includes Jay Chou CDs, movie and concert DVDs, caps, matches, stickers, cards, concert tickets, posters, piano pieces and other paraphernalia. (i promised, i tried liking Jay Chou but he's juts too old to be an idol, i admire his piano skills but his songs??? lame, sorry. this probably one filed i woulnd;t have any connection to you :(

109: Number of blogposts since he started blogging in May 2008 on ( i read his blog, he has very nice entries as well as how he makes them are making me think can i write as great as him??

109,689: Number of fans on the Chris Tiu Facebook Fan Page as of Nov. 3, 2011, set up by his supporters, the Tiunatics. (i'm one of them ♥)

1: Total girlfriends he’s had, ever. ( seriously, you can have me :)) i don't care if i'm going to be a relationship wrecker as long as i was part of your life, hahaha... you're so loyal, please...)

8. He sees his current girlfriend Clarisse as the one he will end up with. (uhmm... pde ako na lng :'(((

Chris has always preferred to protect their privacy and not talk much about his long-time girlfriend Clarisse, a 26-year-old investment banker, with the public. “As much as possible, I keep her out of the limelight, I don’t want to give people the chance to gossip about her,” Chris shares. He does share however that he met her in sixth grade, (sixth grade??? now that's what you call you're still human after all)
courted her when they were in seventh grade, when she didn’t like him (he says he was “chubby, with crew-cut hair”) and gave him a hard time, and they officially got together in their third year of high school. (now, that's what you call patience and love? :)) and you're even going stronger and getting married.
He reveals that since they got together, there were times that they’ve taken a break from the relationship, but never more than a few months. When asked who, between them, initiates fixing things up, he said it was “pantay,” sometimes he did, sometimes she did.

Years ago, during those times they were on a “break,” he was linked to actresses Anne Curtis and Maxene Magalona. I asked him how, despite being linked to different girls and despite being the center of attention of so many fan girls, he’s able to reassure Clarisse of his loyalty and love? “Actions speak louder than words, it’s a matter of communicating well, spending time together and with our families,” Chris says. (SPEECHLESS) He finds it hard to share just three things that he loves most about his girlfriend and asks with a smile, “Can it be more?” He beams, “She’s understanding, smart, funny, she’s very grounded, and of course she’s beautiful.” (HONESTLY CLARISSE HOW LUCKY ARE YOU??? :((( can't it just be Charisse?)

Men who matter: Chris in venerable company.

9. Chris is now 26, and sees himself getting married before he hits 30.

In an interview for The Philippine STAR in June, 2010, Chris shared that his ideal marrying age is 30. During our interview, when asked if that has changed, he says, “Maybe a little earlier.” Chris explains: “I feel there is so much more good I can do as a married man. God has given me so much blessings and I feel I can share it more through marriage.” (and if you get married i'll sing someone like you, it'll be my dedication for your wedding, whatever happens i'm your fan and i'll support you all the way)

Since he has only had one girlfriend since high school and has never been single for a long time, he has been told many times by friends that he might regret not enjoying the single life before settling down. To this, he answers, “Whatever age you are, if you’re really the type of guy who enjoys being a bachelor, you’ll be a bachelor forever.” He shares that he’s the type of person who’s more settled and would like to start a family early, pointing out that he is lucky to have found the right person. “Sayang naman ang genesko,” (iba rin tama mo Chris ♥ well, tama ka nman, sayang nga nman genes mo) he shares with a laugh, and says he dreams of having little Chrises soon. Maybe three to five he says. (can i be a godmother to at least one of your child??)

10. The usual retiring age for Pinoys in professional basketball is 35, but Chris does not mind retiring way earlier. Possibly even 29.

“I just want to try to put the Philippines on the map in terms of basketball,” Chris explains. He shares that the next major international tournament the Philippine Team will join is the World Championships in 2014, and that the qualifiers for that is in 2013. Asia has three slots for that, and Chris reveals, “If we make it, I think I can move on after that.” (once you retire i;ll be one of the saddest person, since i won't be seeing much of you anymore, hope i get to see you still often playing professionally, for your fan's sake?)

In five years, he sees himself married with one kid, with his businesses hopefully continually expanding. (one kid??? akala ko ba sayang genes moh?)

Chris is a professional athlete, a businessman, a TV host for values-oriented programs, an ambassador for Habitat for Humanity and World Vision, as well as a Barangay Kagawad in Makati. He is all that, plus a very nice person too. It is human nature for people to try to find flaws in others, maybe because we hold on to the saying “Nobody is perfect.” (Yes, I am sure he doesn’t have six toes on one foot.) I think Chris just seems to make the most out of what he has and the talents he’s been given, is always thankful and grateful, all of which makes his imperfect life as perfect as it can be.

* * *

E-mail the author at askiamsuperbianca@yahoo.comor follow her on twitter@iamsuperbianca.

why is he my ideal husband ???
reading this article can't you really wonder why a lot of girls are so crazy about him ♥ 
1. he has the values
2. he has principles
3. very family-oriented
4. knows what he likes and dislikes
5. know what to prioritize
6. stands for what he believes in even if it'll make him the odd on in the group
7. loyal and faithful
8. handsome

9. rich
10. athletic
11. intelligent
12. loves his country and countrymen

and i can't mention everything since he his perfect he hi my ideal husband, i want my husband to be AT LEAST AT PAR with him. since it's impossible to be like him since he his already Chris Tiu, at least be at par with him. It's just so amazing   IN THIS KIND OF GENERATION A PERSON CAN BE LIKE THAT. too bad someone already took him and saw him first, how cruel this world is :((( but anyway, i hope i can find SOMEONE JUST LIKE HIM ♥♥



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