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Well, for those who don’t know last February 28 was the anniversary of my livejournal site (yay, glad I managed to kept it up)
So I decided to have a sort of an update of myself, my ichibans---generally an update of everything.
I also felt the need to update my introduction as that was done 3 years ago, and a lot has change in that 3 years..

this is such a very very late post, but nevertheless, it's better late than forgotten :))
I shall be talking about an update of myself
I can proudly say after 5 years in college I am already REGISTERED NURSE. (Thank God, after all the hard work and prayers I am on the right path)

(This was during our Oath Taking last February 11, 2015 in my Alma Mater)

And I must admit I have gotten fatter (one can’t help to keep on eating and have sedentary lifestyle)

Well for now I have joined the flock of unemployed fresh graduates as I still have to wait for my Professional License and some advance trainings as a pre-requisite for hiring.

Second, through this past year with all the fever of the FIFA World Cup going on, I have develop a more in depth fangirling in football clubs. Actually, I have always been a sports fan but with the recent trend of the World Cup I have been more affected and got more interested in the sport. And I shall be talking more about it, as an update of myself

I have always been a Madridista (Real Madrid FC)because of Cristiano Ronaldo (I know most fans don’t like him but this is my blog therefore, respect!) but now, more than being a Cristiano Ronaldo fan, I just appreciated the club more with their very excellent performance last season and the current season. And I wish them to win the La Liga and the Champions League as well. But most of all, the Real Madrid squad has very handsome, hot and sexy players. And more than Cristiano Ronaldo I am more into James Rodriguez, who is sadly married and has one daughter.

Even I am fan of Real Madrid I am not a hater of the FC Barcelona because I also like Lionel Messi. But I am Real Madrid all the way.
In the English Premier League, I am fan of Chelsea FCand follow their games in social media. They also have very handsome, hot and sexy players such as Eden Hazard (who has a great shape of butt)

In the Bundesliga—German League, I follow a lot of clubs not because I am a fan of the club but because I have a specific player that I like a lot.
1)    Bayern Munich
Ø  The top and running champion of the league
Ø  Players I like are: Javi Martinez (huge sex appeal; single)
Ø  Mario Goetze (great abs; has a very sexy girlfriend
Ø  Robert Lewandowski (appealing and intense blue eyes, great body; married to one of the most coolest WAGs)

2)    Schalke
Ø  Currently ranked between 3 and 4 in the league
Ø  I found and like this team because of a handsome Japanese player—Uchida Atsuto, I like him because one, he is Japanese; two, he is so handsome and cute; three, he is such a good player; four, he seems to be friends with Arashi who have guested in AniShi twice and four, he is so handsome and cute (just can’t help mentioning it twice)
Ø  Players I also like: Julian Draxler (same age with me; hot; cute smile; taken)
Ø  Leon Goretzka (super hot, as in super duper hot; has great abs)

3)    Borussia Dortmund
Ø  At the bottom of the league and probably will be relegated next season
Ø  They also have a Japanese player and seems to be quite more famous than Uchida but they are best friends though—Kagawa Shinji
Ø  But I am fond of this team because of Marco Reus (insert heart).He is just so hot, handsome, with great abs, funny, child-like and is a great player. Everything about him I so love and what I like the most is HE IS SINGLE, so available and single and handsome, hot, great abs.
Ø  Despite of them in dangerous situation I still support them because of Marco Reus

Perhaps with all this information this will explain why all my twitter is flooded with everything about football. But its not just football that I am sports fan of, I also like basketball. Well, not really the NBA since that will be such a long post, but perhaps the international basketball. In relation with this, last year the FIBA World Cup and Asian Games occurred which exposed me with more hot and sexy international players.
I have always been a Spain fan both in football and on basketball, to which they have hot players as well. but most of all I am a Korea basketball fan. There is this one cute player in Korea that really caught my attention. His name is Kim Jong Kyu, he is just 23 almost 7 feet tall and plays for the LG Sakers. He is just so cute that when I first discovered him in FIBA Asia Cup I couldn’t stop but follow the entire Korea Basketball Team.


Also during the Asian games there were so many players that I am following now and became a fan of that sports such as swimming. There is that Japanese player that have already caught my attention before due to his gravure magazine front cover but recently I really just became a huge fan of him. His name is IrieRyosuke, 24. He is the one from the far right.
There are also other cute Japanese swimmers such as HaginoKosuke (21), SetoDaiya (21), and Koga Junya (28) he is the one from the far left in picture.

To wrap this up, over the past year my being a simple sports fan became an international sports fan. But still the fact remains that through and through I am still a fangirl.

To wrap this up, over the past year my being a simple sports fan became an international sports fan. But still the fact remains that through and through I am still a fangirl.

Third and finally, I am also a KPOPfan. I have always been a KPOP fan but perhaps due to a lot of Korean groups debuting this past years then I became a huge KPOP fan. The Korean groups that I like actually varies but generally I like them because of their showmanship, artistry, music and looks.

I am fan of DBSK but I like more Jaejoong so I switched to JYJ, Super Junior, 2pm, Bigbang, Infinite, B2st, FT Island, CN Blue, BTOB, EXO, Got7, Winner, iKon.
In the female groups are: SNSD, T-ara, KARA, 4minute, Wonder Girls, F(x), Miss A, Sistar, 2ne1, Brown Eyed Girls.
Most of them are the old groups since I haven’t really had a chance to check out the new ones especially in the female groups. Perhaps, SNSD, KARA, 4minute, BEG and Wonder Girls has set high standards that in my eyes no one can really beat them in my heart. But in the case of the male groups, the ones that debuted recently has the talent, artistry and looks which somehow have beaten the older groups such as Big Bang and Super Junior. Though no one can really surpass the music of Big Bang and they are also legend as a musician and idol but with winner and iKon, who is also from YG, they better watch their back. EXO, in my opinion, has surpassed Super Junior with so many fans all over the world but they still have a long way to go when they really penetrate the variety industry.
Well, this is all for an update of myself. I am now a RN, an international sportsfangirl, and a huge KPOP fan.

I shall be talking about JPOP.
A lot has change in the past 3-4 years in JE.

After HSJ, a new group has debuted which is Kisumai and was followed by Sexy Zone, ABC~Z and Johnny’s West. And will this debuts the JE jrs line up also has change.

Arashi is still my ichiban group and that will never change. With their 15 years of anniversary I am so happy and satisfied with their Hawaii concert though I hope I had a chance to watch it live but maybe in time.

HSJ is still also my niiban group, my love for TakakiYuya
is forever and perhaps now I began to love and appreciate the other members. They grew up, mature and bolder. Even I still hate kissing scenes or sweet scenes but I look forward whenever they have those scenes. Like Yuto, in the recent papapics he seems to have that scene for pink & grey. I am excited at the same time I hate, but well, he is turning 22 this year so he needs transition. But I am very happy in the past year because Ryutaro now has a blog and twitter where he updates very often, but sad somehow because clearly he has no intention of coming back in the agency especially since he is in Hawaii for college right now. But still happy because he has social media and can be communicated by the fans.

With the recent changes in NEWS and KATTUN in group members, I am deeply saddened because I am fan of the members who left. The most that I feel so sad the most was Tanaka Koki. He was so talented and probably with collaboration with Nakamaru, they give the flavor of music of KATTUN. I believe that the agency and Koki tried their best to fix the situation but I also believe that it was still fixable at some point, I think that there were still measures that can be done to avoid the circumstances.

Kanjan8, I am so proud of Yokoyama andOhkura for passing the exam. They just proved that nothing is impossible in education as long as you work hard for it.

Yuma is finally a solo artist, I am looking forward for more dramas from him. I hope he will also be like Toma or Okada
Ikuta Tomaseems to have established himself as an actor especially with ouroboros and a movie by June of this year.
Yamapi has a new drama by spring. I hope he succeeds with this one to at least make up with the scandal he had last year
Jin has been quiet or perhaps I just didn’t have enough update receiving from him.

Sexy Zone, the fans seems to be in frenzy right now especially with the current status of the group where the 3, Shori, Fuma and Kento, is the mainstream members (tsk! how should I phrase it). The ones who has been promoting the group as members. And the remaining two seems to be Missing in action at some point, there has been many arguments why this is the arrangement but as a fan, all I can do is to continue to support end believe in the group and JE. But Marius has a long way to go because he grew up well, he is so handsome and tall (thanks to his german blood)I wish that someday he and So will come back as mainstream members of Sexy Zone.

Kisumai,the arrangement of the members seems to have settled after the success of their sub group Busaiku, and I hope it’ll continue as that. I wish that other members will also have a chance to be in a drama where they will be the lead as well.
ABC~Z, I don’t know really know them that much even the time has passed already. Though it seems that they are the ones handling the butais of the agency.

Johnny’s West,when they debuted I feel so proud because finally another kansaijrs. Also they have been juniors for so long that I feel they have that much experience already. I like everyone in the group where I don’t have a specific ichiban and niiban. So far, they have been so funny and has great music’s. I look forward for their future projects which I hope includes some lead roles in drama.
This is still all about JPOP but I shall be talking more with my new ichibans in JE
The Johnny’s JUNIORS.

Looking at them now they surely have grown and not just simply grow, but grew handsomely and sexily. I don’t even know how I will feel if one them will debut in a group, like they are fairly handsome, hot and talented. More than happiness for the debuted juniors I will feel bad for those who didn’t make it. I mean the Juniors now are back to square one, mostly are on the same age and somehow has the same experiences. So choosing juniors to be in one group make them debut seems unfair.

Enough with that, I shall be talking more about the Juniors that caught my attention
Of course, I will still stick to my bakaleya6
Jesse and Hokkubecame more handsome and seems to have led the group in MC-ing and being the face of the group especially during J’s Party.
Shin-chan and Juribecame the mood maker and clown of the group
Kyomo-chan and Kouchibecame more adult-ish and mature.

I wish that their friendship will deepen and perhaps they will debut as one group. They all have the talent in their members, with Jesse and Kyomochan as the lead singers; Hokku the face and center of the group; Juri, the rapper; Shinchan and Kouchi as the dancers. Such a total package.

Though I began to worry for them since in shokura and magazines they are places with other Jrs., and only in performances in shokura and J’s party are they always together.

Next is Travis Japan.


thisscreencap was during the PZ 2012 but as we see now, every member in the group has grown handsomely especially on Aran, Miyachika, Myuto, Shimewhich has been receiving so much attention lately.


Aran and Miyachika changed a lot. They were part of the Lady Diamond pv and re-watching it they became more handsome and refined.

And the most highlighted Juniors KishiYuta, Jinguji Yuta and Iwahashi Genki


They seemed to be the juniors who has been given with the most exposure time in shokura and magazines. If they will be ones who will debut I hope that thy will be added in the bakaleyagroup and travis japan. I just don’t want anyone left out, but of course my request is outrageous someone has to be really left behind but I hope one this juniors will debut.
There are still a lot of juniors that is should tackle but this is all for now. Especially when this are the juniors that I am more aware about. I hope sooner or later someone here in Livejournal will make an intro post about the rest of the JE jrs. I know that they are a lot, but perhaps those who frequently appear in magazines and shokura. I wanna try to dwell more on the Juniors but my mind went blank on how I shall organize the intro. So I just focused on my favorites bakaleya6, Travis Japan, Kishi, Jinguji and Genki.

I still have a few favorites where I wanna see to debut and get to know as well, such as:Yasui, Keigo, Morohoshi, Takada, Masuda, Hanzawa, Takahashi Fu, Haniuda Amu, Nakamura Kaito, Nagase Ren, Hirano Sho, Okamoto Kauan, Casey Anderson, Genta, Sanapi, Nozawa Yuki, SnowMan, TakahashiKaito.

But there are still some juniors that only in magazines I have met, and they are too many to mention. So I shall wait for the JE calendar and to see who the JE juniors that will be featured there.
Well this is all for now, I might edit or not this post soon. But I hope you all learn something new from me and my ichibans.
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